The church is of Romanic origin, although only the apse, resting on a rock, dates from this period; the bell tower and part of the church were instead subject to subsequent alterations in the sixteenth to nineteenth centuries. The church has a triangular tympanum facade, flanked on the left side by the stone bell tower.
Inside it has a single nave and only the left branch of the transept. On the left wall there is a beautiful wooden crucifix carved in the fourteenth century by an unknown author.
On the right wall, at the level of the altar, we find a fresco of the sixteenth century, again by an unknown painter. At the centre
of the artwork there is the Virgin on a throne of stone; at her sides Saints: Roch, Anthony Abbot, Francis and Sebastian. Behind the group, the curtains of a pavilion, above which there are two cherubs in flight.
In the middle of the nave, on the right hand side, there is a sixteenth-century fresco attributed to the Florentine painter Donnino di Domenico. At the centre of the fresco there is the Archangel Raphael holding the hand of Tobiolo in front of St. Lorenzo. On the splay there are Seraphims with six wings, St. Sigismund and St. Roch; on the ceiling the sun and the moon mourning the death of Christ. The fresco tells the story of Tobiolo, the young son of Tobias, and his Guardian Angel (Tobias, 12).
In 2015, three restored canvases were relocated: Our Lady of the Rosary and Saints; Saint Charles Borromeo, Saint Thomas Aquinas.