CAI – Section: Pistoia, Sector: Montalbano
Municipality of Serravalle Pistoiese
Trail 800 Serravalle Pistoiese – The Popes -San Baronto
Starting point: Passo di Serravalle m.127
Arrival : S.Baronto m.349
Duration : 5,40 h. Uphill difference in height : 550 approx, Downhill difference in height : 320

The trail starts in Serravalle Pistoiese , from the regional road n. 435 Pistoia -Montecatini T. in loc. Arco (127 m) and follows initially uphill asphalt roads (Via Ville, via Monte, via Poggio Cala) up to some houses.
Then the trail turns right on a unpaved road that, after a short stretch of asphalt road, leads to a renovated
farmhouse in a beautiful location (Agriturismo C. Niconi). After about 300 m, from a right corner the Trail
no. 21a starts [which goes down to intersect to the trail no. 21, connecting Masotti with Vinacciano] then you touch the ruined Case Selmi (409 m); here the original route went left on the slope of Pistoia and went back
to the ridge passing through a large yellow farmhouse in a pretty panoramic position (Cà al Monte 408 m).
Currently, due to the closure of this road, from Case Selmi you have to follow a variant (indicated on site) that leads to the southern side and, after an abandoned house (C. Fuso), it connects shortly after to the
original track in a point from which you can enjoy a wide view of the marshes (the Padule di Fucecchio).
Continue on this road until a clearing (wire fence on our right); here you take on the left a small trail (on the
right, adjacent to an olive grove, it comes the trail n. 830 from Monsummano Alto) that goes down steep for about 100 meters then, cornering twice to the right, goes up on the north side of the fenced Poggio Belvedere
(seat of large memorial stone with a cross, not accessible). After a steep descent you turn left onto a road and after about 50 meters near Casa Ronconi (m. 423) the path receives from the left the Trail no. 17 from Cantagrillo-Vinacciano.
Descend to the right for about two hundred meters to a widening where you have to pay attention: leave the
road and take a trail on the left, that descends steeply through a thick forest, until you come out in a panoramic viewpoint (beautiful view of Montevettolini). On the left a grassy track descends near C. Topi (Agriturismo Poggio dei Papi 300 m); continuing slightly downhill we arrive to a group of uninhabited houses (C. Montirici 271 m) near the provincial road (SP 27 connecting Cantagrillo with Montevettolini and
Monsummano T.). The Trail 17 folds abruptly to the left and returns to Cantagrillo while the Trail 800 takes
the provincial road and follows it on the left towards the east; at a left corner (near C. Rocchine 800 m) there is an important crossroads of trails; the Trails 30 and 26 go to the right respectively towards Montevettolini
and Cecina-Larciano. Our path instead climbs straight on a steep and difficult road on top of M.Cupoli and,
through vineyards in a beautiful position, it descends to cross the provincial road no. 28 (connecting Cantagrillo with Biccimurri) in Casa al Vento (310 m). Continuing on a unpaved road between meadows and olive groves you bypass a hill, then you enter an asphalt road (via San Baronto) following it to the left. At a tabernacle you take on the left a small asphalt road that goes up between some villas; the trail, turned into unpaved road, enters the forest, goes along a beautiful house with swimming pool (360 m) then on unpaved
trail and road comes to an asphalt road (still Via S.Baronto ). You cross it and enter another one that leads to some houses (C. Sordi), then continuing on unpaved road we arrive at a viewpoint just below a large, ocher,
villa. The trail turns left and through dense olive groves comes to Villa Mariani, continues along a tree-lined avenue and meets again the asphalt road. In correspondence of a memorial stone with iron cross, the trail turns to the left and, following a metal fence, comes to a picnic area with tables and benches in a pine forest;
then, keeping left, you enter an asphalt road (Via S. Francesco and Via S. Biagio) at the end of which a
widening opens. On the left the trail no. 15 comes from Casalguidi, while ours follows on the right an asphalt road that overcomes some small houses. Almost at the end of the climb you leave the asphalt and you go left
into the wood bypassing the north side of Poggio Le Murielle; then you go down to an asphalt road that you
cross to go right along the fence of the football field (in your front, beyond the road, theer is the trail no. 822 that goes down to the castle of Larciano). After this, following the fence of the swimming pool and the Camping Barco Reale we quickly descend to the houses of S.Baronto right in front of the Church.

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